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I love this game because of the gameplay time

Today I will tell you about the game play time and why it was so important, especially at the beginning of our adventure with 18xx. Because now we are not afraid of any playtime anymore, no matter if it is 3, 5 or 8 hours. If the title is good and worth playing, then we have separate meetings for these games once a month, then we play all day. A few years ago, when my 18xx adventure was just the beginning, everyone around was ‘euro player’, we only met in the evenings and at best we had 5-6 hours to… Czytaj dalej

Why this title?

This title made us a sort of infected with everything related to 18xx. We played several other games at the same time: 1830, 1846, 1889, but when we faced the choice of what to play, we often chose 1836jr. Why? The game runs a little slowly at the beginning, because not all players have money to start a company, so only two or three companies can operate at the beginning of the game. In this way, we slowly move from one phase to the next one, and such an arduous climate puts our vigilance to sleep. Meanwhile, in phase 3… Czytaj dalej

How the Atlantic locomotive Type 12 became the hero of our cover?

We’re introducing piece from the game we’re working on. This is a box cover design for 1836jr. For a long time we have been thinking which train to present, but finally our choice fell on a locomotive that was used by Belgian railways shortly before World War II. During this period, technological progress forced the search for more and more perfect and bolder solutions. In response to the need to reduce travel times and the fashion for modern machine constructions, French engineers André Huet and Raoul Notesse developed a real miracle of technology – the Type 12 Atlantic locomotive. It… Czytaj dalej

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